How to live a cruelty-free life… well, how to try at least!

Close up shot of make up brushes which may or may not be cruelty-free, who knows!

God loves a trier and gosh… have I tried. Just when you think you’re living a cruelty-free life, someone sneaks gelatine into your favourite snack, or your favourite beauty brand starts selling in mainland China. It’s a tricky world to navigate and unfortunately pitchfork-wielding do-gooders are always on the sidelines ready to point out your faults. So how on earth do you stay on the straight and narrow?

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OOTD: From the office to dinner

Blue damask dress from Little Misstress

Dress – Glamorous, Shoes – Primark, Bag – Little Mistress

I’m going to start with a confession. It takes me a good ten minutes to do the zip up on this dress, but I can’t bare to get rid of it! It’s not every day you find a royal blue damask print dress for a tenner, but it seems anything is possible in Manchester’s Northern Quarter!

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