Sportswear revival – The return of FILA, Ellesse & more

During the summer of 2015, I was driving around Manchester with my fella when something caught my eye; a boy walking along in an Fila sweatshirt.

Where the hell did he find that?” – Both Ryan and I felt like we’d spotted something from a prehistoric era. At the time this sweatshirt probably was considered a relic. Perhaps a charity shop gem he’d found for a fiver? Back in the day FILA was huge, but this was 2015 and I didn’t even know the brand still existed. Names like Fila, Champion and Ellesse were huge when I was younger, but the brightest starts burn the fastest and in the late 90’s our love affair with the them just seemed to fizzle out.

However, since that summer day in 2015 I’ve noticed brands these forgotten names have muscled their way back into the mainstream again and I for one am so ready for a retro sportswear revival.

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5 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

Have you ever heard the quote ‘you can’t expect someone to love you, until you love yourself‘. Yeah? Don’t worry, I vommed in my mouth when I heard it too. I hate to say it, but there’s some truth in this quote. When I look around at my girl friends, the ones absolutely killing it seem to be the girls who have a strong sense of self respect; they look after themselves, know their own limits and make ‘me time’ a priority.

We constantly talk about how important it is to look after ourselves, but little do we put it into practice. In fact, if/when we do, we rely heavily on others to pick us back up. You might rant on social media and feel better as virtual friends come to your aid or surround yourself with IRL friends to avoid thinking about your issues – whichever you choose will only ever be a temporary fix.

I don’t want to do the cliche blogger thing where young girls think that taking a bath and eating chocolate will cure depression, but I wanted to put together another selfcare post in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Rarely do I see couples celebrating this out dated tradition, so why not put the focus on yourself this February 14th? I really hope you find these tips useful. If not, please make your own suggestions in the comment section.

Without further ado, here’s 5 ways to be your own Valentine, your own cheerleader and your own best self.

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Everything I’ve learnt from renting in my early 20’s

At the age of 18 I packed my bags and moved out of my hometown to study at university. I embraced my new freedom and when it came the end of my 3 year course, I did everything I could to avoid moving back home (much to the dismay of my bank account).

Renting in your early 20s is expensive, but it does give you plenty of life lessons. I rinsed my overdraft and I’m still paying for it. Do I regret it? Never! I don’t have a nice little saving fund, but I do know how to handle living independently. Weirdly enough, I’d swap home comforts for my dramatic little Manchester life any day. Whilst I curse out my neighbors, have regular battles with the letting agency and on occasion, the odd flooded kitchen; I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

Thinking of making the great escape from your hometown? Here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way to help you make an informed choice.

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