5 Lush items that are better than bathbombs!

Facial creams and cleansers from Lush Cosmetics in BuryEveryone loves the Lush bathbombs, right? Unless you’re rather sensitive to them of course! They’re basically the entry level product that most people buy as their first Lush treat. However, they’ve started to outshine the rest of the range. I love a good dunk in the tub, but I wanted to share some of my favourite Lush products that I feel don’t get enough love.

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Who gives a shit what people wore to Parklife?

Like most people, I was shocked and appalled by what I saw people wearing to Parklife 2017. By people I mean grown men. Grown men wearing shorts with ghastly unshaven legs. Grown men walking topless through the street – practically naked – exposing their nipples for the world to see. What is becoming of young men, do they not know what attention they could attract by walking through the streets like this?

If you can’t tell by now, I’m being sarcastic.

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Fashion Bralettes – Don’t Believe The Hype

Bras. Skivvies. Lovejugs. Intimates. Boob cups. A modern mystery to all women (and some men). Are they really essential? Will I ever find the right size? Why are they so expensive?

Well girls, that’s honestly the least of your worries once you’ve opened up the can of worms which is bralettes – or ‘fashion bras’. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re often made of cheap lace, with thin straps and (let’s be honest,) they probably look much better than they feel.

Still unaware of what I’m talking about? Take a wander through Primark. You can now buy a cute lacey bra for as little as a fiver, but the question is are they safe to wear?

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Do it for the memories

There are two types of Timehop updates. The ones that make you hide in shame and quickly delete your history and the ones that remind you of the good times, which make you instantly tag your friends.

A year from today, what will ‘future you‘ think of your timehop? It sounds like a bit of a deep question, but with so much of our lives played out online these days it got me thinking! I recently received a Facebook ‘On This Day’ notification which unearthed pictures from a 2014 summer BBQ; a blast from the past considering that everyone in the photos has now actually moved away from Manchester.

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