Grey hair don’t care | Why am I going grey prematurely?


I’m running the risk of sounding more uncool than usual here, but did anyone see Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat story the other day? Home girl found a grey hair (her very first I’m guessing) and I’d like to say a whole hearted welcome to the club! 18 might seem a young age to be going grey, but don’t worry pal, I’ve been going grey since the age of 14 so I’m kind of a pro at this.

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Fashion, frenchies and job hopping | Monthly check-in

A few photos from the previous few months

I’m not going to do one of those cringe worthy ‘I’m back’ posts, mainly cause I’m an inconsistent blogger at the best of times – but yes, I totally dropped off the map lately. I’ve forgotten about trips to the wilderness with the girls, neglected my duties with The Press Tent and I’ve been a rubbish blogger in general.

So what the bloody hell happened?

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How to live a cruelty-free life… well, how to try at least!

Close up shot of make up brushes which may or may not be cruelty-free, who knows!

God loves a trier and gosh… have I tried. Just when you think you’re living a cruelty-free life, someone sneaks gelatine into your favourite snack, or your favourite beauty brand starts selling in mainland China. It’s a tricky world to navigate and unfortunately pitchfork-wielding do-gooders are always on the sidelines ready to point out your faults. So how on earth do you stay on the straight and narrow?

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