I went to Speed Friending to find my new BFF

Hey Siri, how do I make friends in my 20’s without doing coke?

Your early twenties are pretty tricky to navigate. You reach a point when you’ve lost touch with childhood friends, uni pals have moved back to their hometowns and maybe you’ve found yourself bouncing around grad jobs desperate for stability. Whatever your predicament, it can be hard to bounce back from the inevitable loneliness.

Full disclaimer, I’m not totally alone. I hang out with my boyfriend on weekends and I have 2 other friends in the city that I see every few weeks. So three is a good total, but I long for the days when I’d hang around with a gaggle of girls; all four of us sharing a house with an open door policy. Those girls? We’re lucky if we see each other a handful of times a year.

But apparently speed friending is the cure to loneliness in your 20s.

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The Lush Cosmetics jelly face masks, worth the hype?

I have a theory that you’re always taking a little bit of a risk when buying a new product from Lush Cosmetics on the launch date. It seems as if the first batch is always a little beta test for the first wave of customers, a product they’ve perfected in-house but might not stand up to public opinion. That’s why products always seem a bit better a month or so after they first arrived in stores. Some formulas don’t need tweaking, some do – That’s my theory anyway!

When I first heard about Lush’s jelly face masks the curiosity got the best of me. I’m a huge fan of their fresh masks, so a solid alternative that doesn’t expire quickly did seem appealing. I couldn’t wait for another blogger to review them. I had to try them even though I knew there was a chance I would possibly be a guinea pig.

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How to start a trainer collection (even when you’re skint!)

The myth which says all girls love shoes focuses almost exclusively on the most uncomfortable ones. Sometimes I think that’s because boys want to keep trainers all to themselves – A club for members only.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need to be a total sneaker-head to start building a trainer collection. It might seem a little intimidating when you see people dropping hundreds of pounds for rare releases, but anyone can be a fan of footwear! All wannabe sneaker dons have to start somewhere, right?

If you don’t know your Yeezys from your Jordans – don’t worry. You can still build a killer collection on a budget.

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We do need an emo revival, but not because Matt Willis said so

A few nights ago, as I lay awake in bed wondering what Gerard Way was doing with his life now, I realised that emo wasn’t really ‘a thing’ anymore. Myspace, heavy eyeliner and overgrown fringes; what a time to be alive. Back in the day I took a lot of flack for being an emo – although I would never have labeled myself as one at the time. I’ve definitely change a lot since then, but I can’t help thinking that today’s teens are missing out by not having an emo phase.

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