Layering up for winter with Lasula

When I got back from Budapest last week, I couldn’t quite believe how cold it was in the UK. I’d actually over-packed for my trip with tons of chunky jumpers and when I landed back home in Manchester, I was shocked at how fast the temperature had plummeted.

Layering up for me is never an issue though! I much prefer winter fashion to summer, don’t you? Cosy knitwear, bobble hats and the perfect excuse to crack out my collection of turtlenecks (psh, as if I need an excuse).

Now I don’t know about you but I’m a bigger fan of layering up, rather than relying on one big chunky coat. It just makes more sense to throw on a jacket with a jumper and underlay, rather than cracking out the Patagonia and getting all sweaty on the walk to work. Excuse the TMI, but you know exactly what I’m going on about!

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Convention is killing your relationship

Today, my partner and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We’ve been together since teenagers when he asked me out on Myspace – romantic, I know. I lived in Blackpool at the time, a long hour & half train ride away from him. He’s supported me through my GCSEs, A-Levels, my degree, ill health, grief, friendship breakups and we’re definitely stronger together than apart.

Having said that, we don’t live together, we have no plans of getting married (ever, don’t @ me) and neither of us really know what the future holds.

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