4 ‘trends’ cooler than this tacky unicorn bullshit

This month I received a grand total of 47 emails banging on about unicorns and quite frankly – I’ve had enough. Literally anything remotely colourful is being hailed as ‘unicorn inspired‘ and it’s anything but magical.

Don’t get me wrong, I fell for it first too. I’m even wearing a unicorn horn briefly in my first youtube video. However something tipped me over the edge yesterday… The lovely intern at work was talking to me about how her friends have job interviews lined up at local fast-fashion brand. It went a little something like this:

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How to keep long hair healthy

A few weeks ago I made a confession, I haven’t cut my hair in seven years. Now whilst I’ll admit it’s split-end city over here, my hair isn’t actually in a bad condition. To say that it hasn’t been cut in so long, it is still extremely healthy.

There seems to be a misconception that uncut hair is dirty. It’s unkempt and unruly. This became apparent when I visited a blow dry bar blogger event last year. As mentioned in a previous post, stepping into a salon is a big thing for me!

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In Support of Female Friendships

One of the interns at work is having a rough time. She lives with a house of girls who sound as if they love to cause trouble. Sound familiar? I think every twenty-something girl can think of a time when they’ve felt a bit ganged up on before.

This kind of problem usually provokes two responses:
Urgh girls can be so petty some times.
Urgh some people can be so petty some times.

Small change, big difference. For every person who’s ever said that ‘boys will be boys’, there is someone who believes similarly that all young women are naturally catty. I’ve been guilty of this when I was much younger, but it still surprises me that people believe this is a social norm in 2017.

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Kat Von D V.s Make Up Revolution- When business gets personal

Dupes. They’ve been the saving grace for teenage girls and savvy savers for years, but infamous dupe kings Makeup Revolution are now underfire for copying from big name brands. You’ve probably already seen screenshots of Kat Von D ‘spilling the tea‘ *vom* by accusing MUR of stealing her design. But here’s the comparison that has everyone talking:

Image courtesy of Instagram

Let’s be honest, they are bloody similar. Possibly purposefully so – that’s a mouthful.

So are we guilty of funding forgeries if we shop with MUR?

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