How to keep long hair healthy

A few weeks ago I made a confession, I haven’t cut my hair in seven years. Now whilst I’ll admit it’s split-end city over here, my hair isn’t actually in a bad condition. To say that it hasn’t been cut in so long, it is still extremely healthy.

There seems to be a misconception that uncut hair is dirty. It’s unkempt and unruly. This became apparent when I visited a blow dry bar blogger event last year. As mentioned in a previous post, stepping into a salon is a big thing for me!

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Kat Von D V.s Make Up Revolution- When business gets personal

Dupes. They’ve been the saving grace for teenage girls and savvy savers for years, but infamous dupe kings Makeup Revolution are now underfire for copying from big name brands. You’ve probably already seen screenshots of Kat Von D ‘spilling the tea‘ *vom* by accusing MUR of stealing her design. But here’s the comparison that has everyone talking:

Image courtesy of Instagram

Let’s be honest, they are bloody similar. Possibly purposefully so – that’s a mouthful.

So are we guilty of funding forgeries if we shop with MUR?

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What’s new at Lush? Easter 2017 range

Look at this poor distressed chick. He’s probably thinking ‘I’m going to have glitter in my feathers FOR WEEKS!’

Those golden eggs of glitter can only mean one thing – Lush is about to drop their Easter range! (10th March to be exact) I was kindly invited down to Lush Bury for a sneak peak at the range and let me tell you – you’re going to love it. So sit yourself down, grab a cuppa and count your pennies, because you’re not going to thank me for this post…

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To fringe or not to fringe, that is the question.

Here’s a picture of me from 2010 – this was the last time I got my hair cut. It’s now 2017 and I’m starting to resemble John Lennon at his peak happy hippy stage.

You see the thing is, I’m terrified of hair dressers. I’m not usually a vain person; I’ll leave the house without makeup most days and in general I’m not too fussed about what I look like as long as I don’t look like a scarecrow.

However, when it comes to my hair I’m precious as fuck. Let me tell you why…

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A cosy night in with Tessuti

Like most people on the internet, I’m a total hermit. I’d much rather have a cosy night in than a wild night out. So when Tessuti said they were sending me a little something for a cosy night in, I was definitely excited! Fresh bedding, fresh PJs and a mystery black box; let’s delve in to find the secrets to a perfect cosy night in!

Tessuti are the super stylish arm of JD, stocking brands like Barbour, Vivienne Westwood and Michael Kors. Weirdly just before they emailed I’d been on their website looking for Christmas gifts for my mum. It must have been fate ;)!

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