We do need an emo revival, but not because Matt Willis said so

A few nights ago, as I lay awake in bed wondering what Gerard Way was doing with his life now, I realised that emo wasn’t really ‘a thing’ anymore. Myspace, heavy eyeliner and overgrown fringes; what a time to be alive. Back in the day I took a lot of flack for being an emo – although I would never have labeled myself as one at the time. I’ve definitely change a lot since then, but I can’t help thinking that today’s teens are missing out by not having an emo phase.

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Impostor syndrome in the blogosphere

Jess Wilby wearing Dorothy Perkins in Manchester Spinningfields for Philocalist.co.uk
Here’s me pretending to be a proper blogger. Do I fit in yet?

I do love this Dorothy Perkins dress, but it’s not really me is it? I don’t even wear dresses! I wear jeans. Every damn day. Topshop Joni super high-waisted, the perfect height for hiding my fupa. But I’m not allowed to admit that because I’m desperately trying to be more body-posi.

I felt like a complete phoney looking back at this shoot. It’s not me, it’s an act of what I assume bloggers should be so that I can finally feel like one of the gang. Do you ever feel like that? Perhaps not only with blogging, but IRL too. There’s something that sticks with us long after we’ve left our teens and that’s the need to ‘fit in’. Whether it’s the blogosphere, the workplace or even in a new friendship group – feeling like an outsider sucks.

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Made in Manchester – My boring backstory

For a few months I’ve been lacking my blogging mojo (read: life mojo) and I didn’t really want to do one of those cringe worthy ‘I’m back’ posts, but there’s something I need to address. I’m well and truly lost in my 20’s. Like many of you, I’ve reached the point where I’m no longer striving for grades, relationships or a good job and I’m basically just floating around life without direction.

I’ve worked so hard to get where I am that life seems to have plateaued. When you can’t see what’s happening in the future, it’s easy to become nostalgic. With that in mind, I thought it would be a positive exercise to share with you guys why I proudly call myself a plastic mancunian. After all, this might not be the place I was born but I’d definitely say it’s the city that raised me.

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Travelling will ruin your life

If you’re privileged enough to even consider taking a gap year or moving abroad for a short while, consider this – how will the experience change you? Maybe you’ll come back cultured; more appreciative of what you have, with a renewed sense of independence. Unfortunately you’ll become all this and more, but when it’s time for you to return home you’ll find that it isn’t always easy to adjust.

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8 little ways to uplift your BFFs today

We get by with a little help from our friends, so it’s important to return the favour. Even our most resilient pals need a little lift every now and again. It’s not all about deep conversations and heart-to-heart sessions, a quick check in with your friend can actually go a long way. Grand gestures aside, it really is the little things that count. We notice them the most when communication stops, so I thought I’d make a list of overlooked things you can do to give your friend a little pick me up.

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