Be the Beyonce of blogging

Listen here, I keep seeing tweets along the lines of: ‘Once someone reaches 10K followers they never interact. Calm down, you’re not Beyonce‘. At first I laughed, because nobody likes a social media snob.

BUT THEN I realised how terribly slanderous this was against Queen B.

If anything, we should all aspire to be the ‘Beyonce of blogging’ and here’s why.

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Shit, I’m 25.

I never thought I’d be one of those people who cared about getting old. After all, they say you’re as young as you feel. However, I’ve scheduled this article to post on my 25th birthday (Oct 12th) and that scares me more than anything.

Whilst I’ve achieved a lot I feel like I’ve cheated myself along the way. There are so many things I thought I wanted that turned out to be the wrong choice. I can’t seem to help holding on to things I wasted time on, watching my life stagnate and straying further from life goals. Can you relate?

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I went to Speed Friending to find my new BFF

Hey Siri, how do I make friends in my 20’s without doing coke?

Your early twenties are pretty tricky to navigate. You reach a point when you’ve lost touch with childhood friends, uni pals have moved back to their hometowns and maybe you’ve found yourself bouncing around grad jobs desperate for stability. Whatever your predicament, it can be hard to bounce back from the inevitable loneliness.

Full disclaimer, I’m not totally alone. I hang out with my boyfriend on weekends and I have 2 other friends in the city that I see every few weeks. So three is a good total, but I long for the days when I’d hang around with a gaggle of girls; all four of us sharing a house with an open door policy. Those girls? We’re lucky if we see each other a handful of times a year.

But apparently speed friending is the cure to loneliness in your 20s.

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