Do you really need a new season makeover?

Do you like my yellow puffer jacket? I look and feel like a chunky little minion when I wear this jacket.

In the run up to Autumn/Winter I’ve been trying to build a cosy wardrobe that’s a little more mature. Think muted tones, rich layers and of course plenty of turtle necks. However, as you can see dressing mature isn’t really ‘my thing’.

I don’t really know what triggered this need to dress differently, but perhaps it’s due to my 25th birthday coming up. Ok, there isn’t really an age limit on dressing a certain way but I’m starting to think the minion look isn’t exactly one that will get me taken seriously! Despite this urge to change, I can’t quite give up my bright colours and fancy prints.

It’s not as if I run around in Lelli Kelli shoes and a tutu – I just don’t want to look boring. I’m the type of shopper that likes to keep an eye out for statement pieces. The problem is that I find so many of them that my outfits are often a mixture of things that don’t really go together.

New Look bright yellow puffer coat - Philocalist blog

Now I’m not one for rules and generally I think people should dress however they want, but this outfit isn’t the most chic look you’ve ever seen on a blogger. Yellow coat with leopard print shoes? I mean, I bloody love it but I know I’m appealing to about 5% of my readers on this one.

What do you guys do to ensure you don’t look like you tripped and fell through Oxfam? Am I going to have to start planning my outfits in advance? I really don’t want to become one of those people. Who has the time?

I think most of us fall into the trap of buying new season clothes when we really don’t need to. There are so many colours and textures that can transcend the Summer-to-Winter crossover. Take it from me, I wear turtleneck jumpers in the summer! However, the movie makeover scenario is one we just can’t compete with. As soon as the seasons begin to change we hit the changing rooms in a bid to recreate a transformation as iconic as the mega montage in The Sweetest Thing.

Instead of going to all that effort, I’m just rolling with it. If I try to adjust my style too much for winter I’m only going to end up with more and more clothes that don’t go well together. What’s the point in that? Whilst many of us love the idea of having one of those movie makeover moments the reality is expensive and leaves you with a shit ton of old clothes to list on eBay. It ain’t worth it sis. Save your money and work with what you’ve got.

If that means the closest to a movie makeover I’m going to get is the Minion movie, so be it!

25 thoughts on “Do you really need a new season makeover?

  1. I actually really love that coat, and it looks so warm too… I am boring when it comes to bright colours. My favourite plaec to live was definitely Copenhagen when it came to fashion – most of the population tends to wear black and grey, and that suited me just fine! šŸ˜€

  2. No. No, you really don’t! I think people just like to spend money! haha! Now, my kids, on the other hand, need new seasonal clothes because they grow like weeds! I, on the other hand, buy myself the occasional piece, but certainly not every season!

  3. I totally get this! I am starting a new job soon and all I want to do is get a new wardrobe. I have forever been in leggings and dresses but this job is a little more important and I want to look and feel different. I am currently trying new looks but still reverting back to my old ones. I do love the puffa jacket btw… never owned one (even in the 90s) but I like them nonetheless šŸ™‚ x

    1. Ooo Leah good luck with your new job!
      I think when you get a new job it’s one of those times you have treat yourself ;).

  4. Ohh! I love bright colours as well! šŸ™‚ I can totally relate to having a wardrobe of things that don’t go together too though..I really should work on that! šŸ˜€ Your coat looks amazing by the way – yellow really suits you! šŸ™‚ xx

    1. Lol Emily that is just so true isn’t it!
      Just when you’re ready to get the winter coat out, the sun starts shining. You can’t win!

  5. My mummy rotates her wardrobe and dresses differently in Autumn / Winter, she feels more comfortable behind black and dark hues. I think you should dress to make yourself happy and we love the yellow on you!

  6. I am 43 and have dresses with carousel horses, flamingo’s and even mermaids on them. Why grow up when there is so much colour and fun to be had. Life is too short to wear grey boring clothes. I love the jacket AND minions are fabulous, so you look like a fabulous, well loved, cute thing!. That’t a good place to be xx

  7. That’s the problem as the weather changes you have to sort your wardrobe as like you I always feel like a puffed waddle man – all thickness and cold. I need to invest in a nice warm coat that’s still stylish I think for this year

  8. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing a bright yellow coat and leopard print shoes! I love it! I definitely am one for crossing over the clothes I wear throughout seasons. I like the idea of getting new clothes but they always end up being a similar style!

  9. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of shopping for new clothes each season. Although in saying that, with the weather the way it is in Scotland, many of my items become suitable all year round.

  10. I tend to mix and match all my clothes for the different seasons. I wear dresses a lot so it’s easy to just wear one when it’s hot, or add a scarf, cardigan and tights for this time of year. LOVE the coat though!!

  11. I’m trying to avoid this too. People waste so much time going out and buying cosy knits etc when it starts to get colder but you can layer up some “summer” pieces or use what you had last year! Knitted jumpers will never go out of style haha

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