Kallos Cosmetics LAB35 review – My hair holy grail

Lab35 Hair milk, signature conditioner and sulfate free shampoo

I used to think ‘salon quality hair’ at home was a total myth. It sounds like something they just say on the adverts, doesn’t it? In the search for Disney Princess-esque hair finding the right products can be a minefield. After all, the advice often contradicts itself. “Keep it simple and don’t weigh your hair down“… but it’s apparently also essential that we need a foam wash, mask, leave-in conditioner, heat protection spray, texture spray, hairspray and a myriad of other gunk.

What a load of tosh! Finding what’s right for your hair can be a long and tiresome process, so I thought I’d share my three holy grail products from Kallos Cosmetics.

I first discovered these guys in Urban Outfitters. Feeling fancy, I treated myself to 500ml of the signature hair mask in celebration of my new job last year. The small bottle lasted over six months! I have long hair so I use a lot of product, but the mask works so well for me that I only had to use it now and again.

Alas, I eventually ran out and Urban Outfitters stopped selling the brand. Thankfully I grabbed the same product, for the same price – double the amount – in TKmaxx. God bless TKmaxx! That’s where my Kallos obsession began.

Kallos LAB35 Bamboo shampoo
I start my shower by using the sulfate free argon oil & bamboo extract shampoo. It doesn’t have an over powering smell and instantly feels as if my hair is transforming as I build up a foam between my hands.

This is technically a shampoo for coloured hair, but I love how light it feels. The sulfate-free formula doesn’t leave any heavy residue, which is important when you have long, heavy hair in general! The lack of residue also ensures my hair feels cleaner for longer. I sometimes feel like products that leave a film over the hair actually pick up more dirt than usual. If you have temperamental hair that needs balance, give this shampoo a go.

After use my hair feels light and fresh with a subtle fragrance. I would say if you’re looking for a shampoo with a scent that lasts all day, this wouldn’t be it. However the silky soft feeling of your hair afterwards totally makes up for it!

Kallos LAB35 Signature hair mask
The signature mask is my OG all time fave hair product. My hair is long and dead at the ends cause I haven’t cut it in years, but the LAB35 signature mask revives my hair every time. My trick is to leave the mask on for as long as possible.

I’ll add about 4 pumps to the end of my hair, wrap it in warm towel and continue to heat the outside (make sure your towel is microwave/heat safe for this)! When I’m in a rush, I’ll use it like a normal conditioner. This mask leaves my hair smelling amazing and it feels completely revived!

Kallos LAB35 Hair milk
I’ve tried a few leave in conditioners, but this hair milk was a much lighter alternative. It’s supposed to protect and repair, but I wouldn’t suggest spritzing before heat styling because it’s just going to burn onto your styling iron. Instead spritz and brush through damp hair before naturally or blow drying.

This hair milk has really helped to protect my hair when I twist it up into a bun. I feel like the ends aren’t as dry and my hair no longer feels like the end of a witch’s broom.

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I would definitely recommend giving Kallos a go if you spot any in your local TKmaxx. I know the stock can be hit & miss, but there’s so many different formulas to try. Come back and tell me what you think if you manage to track them down!

15 thoughts on “Kallos Cosmetics LAB35 review – My hair holy grail

    1. I bloody love rummaging through TKmaxx! I only go on early mornings though because it gets messy fast.

  1. Sounds very promising. Both my teenage daughters have really long thick hair, and we do struggle to find suitable products to do the job well. If I’m lucky I find my favourite Tigi stuff on offer somewhere, but this looks like a really good alternative and certainly worth trying out. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Hey Jen! Teenage hair can be so troublesome. Would definitely recommend the mask for thick hair, but since teenage hair can suffer from hormonal changes I’d bare in mind that it might not need the extra moisture. If your gals are anything like me, I used to find my hair got a little greasy in my teen years so I turned away from masks and deep conditioning. Of course, they’ll know their own hair better than I do but definitely food for thought :).

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