OOTD: Is normcore still acceptable?

What I wear on a general day to day basis. This outfit is comprised of a light grey shirt layered underneath a black dress.

Dress – Glamorous, Shirt – H&M, Boots – Primark, Bag – Koko Coture

Don’t I look like a children’s TV presenter in this outfit? There’s something about layering up that seems so innocent and ‘goody-two-shoes’ to me. It’s the sleeves isn’t it?

I’d forgive you for thinking this outfit was totally forgettable, that’s because it is! I often dress myself from day to day in outfits that blend into the background. I’m not one for standing out. Whilst I might seem an extrovert online, I’m happy to hide away in black and grey.

Everyday outfit up close

This was actually the outfit I wore to the Bloggers Brunch event at Neighborhood a few weeks back. It’s distinctly non-glam because (1) it’s only brunch, calm down and (2) I didn’t particularly want to draw attention to myself in a room full of bloggers. You guys can be pretty darn intimidating don’t you know!

That said, dressing safe seems to be a bit taboo in a world that wants to embrace far out trends. I should know, I’m the one writing the press releases for them!

I think it’s the perpetual tug of war for introverted fashion lovers. Do you want to go crazy and follow the trends or do you want to wear what’s comfortable and hide away watching Netflix? Ok, I’m only half joking but really we often forget that some people are comfortable dressing plainly. It was once a trend – normcore. No one really understood it though, like all great subcultures!

I guess I wouldn’t describe my outfit as normcore. The bag is quite a nice accessory and my heels aren’t exactly renowned for comfort. My outfit is just simple.

Dressing plainly is often seen as quite an easy to deploy social tactic. You know us women, always being told what to wear and being judged on our choices. Well, what would you say about someone dressing plainly? That they are boring, unimaginative, nervous? That’s why people who dress in muted tonesย are the ultimate underdogs. I’m 100% sure that’s why all the great fashionistas of our time dress in black suits.

As I’m ditching my winter wardrobe and looking towards the summer season, I’m considering slightly brighter attire. No promises though ;)! Having said that, I did actually purchase my first pink garment from Afflecks Palace the other week. Me wearing pink, imagine that!

Do you have any tips for adding colour to your wardrobe? I’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

18 thoughts on “OOTD: Is normcore still acceptable?

  1. Once a photography student asked me if I had to chose one fashion trend to dress in only, what would that be. I told her minimal and monochrome.
    I love the grey layering of your look, dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great post, I’m a total introvert and never really thought about my wardrobe before. I love handbags and necklaces though, small statements for me!

  3. I don’t think there is anything wrong with dressing like this! I’m with you in terms of not standing out and sometimes it’s good to keep things simple

  4. I’m afraid I can’t offer you any tips for dressing in more colours – I’m in black and grey most of the time! I really like this outfit, I’m quite happy to keep things simple ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  5. This is such a lovely outfit, I love the boots and bags. I know Spring bring lots of pastel shades but I just can’t pull them off, they make me look really drained.

  6. You look great! TO be honest, on daily basis, it is my trend to wear plain things, I just feel most comfortable like that , only some days I go for 100% trendy outfit and if I need to add something to my plain outfit, I add statement jewellery or handbag and I am ready to go!


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