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My outfit comprised of a red lace top, black high waisted jeans and a studded clutch bag.
Clutch bag

Notes on my outfit: I’ve had this top for 3 years and never worn it! Love finding stuff like this at the back of my wardrobe.

A few weeks ago, my fella and I finally had the chance to try Thaikhun, in Spinningfields. Unfortunately we’ve always tried to squeeze in a weekend booking, only to be told there’s no space. To say this place has been popular would be an understatement! With talk of Thai New Year on the horizon, we booked without hesitation – there’s no way we were going to miss out again, oh no!

Thaikun is a really quirky little place. Tut tut out side, Tsingtao chandelier and low lighting. Upon entering you’re hit with the intoxicating smell of food, distant sounds of a busy kitchen and welcomed with a traditional Thai greeting.

The quirky interior of Thaikhun

We were kindly offered a choice of seats. Naturally we picked right by the window, the perfect lighting for blog photos! It was actually really nice to be tucked away behind the larger dining tables and thankfully the server made sure she didn’t forget about us, hidden away throughout the night.

I felt that the menu was much larger in person than online. I found it easier to see the vegetarian options, and gosh were there options! Having said that, I still asked for something that wasn’t actually on the menu – I’m such a tricky customer.

For my started I asked for satay tofu. I had heard big things about the satay sauce from Thaikun, so I really wanted a dish that took full advantage of it. The menu states that some dishes can be made ‘veggie friendly’ if you like the sound of them, so I didn’t mind asking. I always think being able to tweak your dish is a good sign of fresh cooked food.

Tofu satay skewers with pickles and peanut satay sauce.

What arrived was a hefty portion of fried tofu, pickles and gorgeous satay sauce. The simple skewers allowed the flavour of the decadent satay sauce to shine through and I’d implore any vegetarian to give this secret menu option a go, as the taste was sensational.

Ryan's sharing platter, consisting of pork & chicken skewers, chicken balls and crispy wantons.

My fella on the other hand opted for the huge sharing platter that actually serves two people! Never one to be defeated, he took the whole thing down in the same matter of time it took me to finish half of my plate. His favourites were the pork skewers, which is surprising as he usually isn’t a fan of this meat due to the texture. However, according to him the chefs must just be magic: ‘I don’t know what they’ve done to it, but it just taste so much better!’ Accompanied with a range of dips, this is a great choice for anyone new to Thai cuisine looking to try new flavours.

Traditional thai iced tea has a distinct orange colour

We paired our meals with a traditional Thai iced tea, which actually tasted less sweet than I usually have it. However, I’ve treated myself to a bit too much carnation milk in the past, so I have much more of a sweet tooth! I’m avoiding alcohol due to my headaches at the moment, but if you’re looking for something more potent the cheekily name ‘Good time girl’ cocktail sounded absolutely amazing.

Thaikhun Puk Boong Fai Daeng

For my main I opted for the puk boong fai daeng. A stir fried dish full of spices and morning glory. I also asked for a few extra pieces of tofu to be added because it was cooked so well in my starter. I must be on some sort of protein kick!

The food was nothing short of incredible. Whilst you may look at my pile of veg and scoff, puk bong fai daeng is a cocktail of authentic flavours that really embody traditional Thai cooking. If you’ve never tried morning glory, it’s similar to spinach but with more of a crunch. Dowsed in soya bean paste and chilli, this dish is enough to win over the biggest carnivores.

My fella on the other hand chose his favourite, phad kra pao. Flirting with culinary danger, I advised him against choosing this dish as every restaurant cooks it differently. Traditionally amped with fresh Thai chilli, a phad kra pao is known for the delicate balance of holy basil and unforgiving heat.

Thaikhun’s version of the dish didn’t have the kick he was looking for. I can only presume they’ve toned down the chilli due to their customer base, I doubt anyone would want a mouth full of chilli on their lunch break in Spinningfields! He did really enjoy the dish though and advises any fans of this dish to ask for extra spice if you’re looking for the real deal.

We both really enjoyed our visit to Thaikun and absolutely cannot wait to go again. I came away with a total ‘food baby’ and thought the portions offered great value for money. The service was great as was the food and even though I asked for something that wasn’t on the menu, the staff we’re totally accommodating.

Next time, I’ll make sure I’m well enough for that Good Time Girl!

5 thoughts on “OOTD | Thaikhun Manchester review

  1. I *LOVE* thai food… I’m sure we’ve discussed this on twitter?! How did I not know about this place, the food looks phenomenal!!! I think I’ll definitely have to check it out, I’ll make sure I book in too- thanks for the tip 🙂 And vegetarian is good and it’s great that they are so accommodating to it 🙂

    1. We have indeed! I think I could talk about Thai food everyday – as long as I get to eat it, haha! Let me know what you think if you try it out :)!

  2. Oh Em Gee I NEED to go here- it looks like my idol place- all perfectly balanced spices and yummy veggies!!

    Not surprised you had a food baby!!

    Also NEED to try that ‘good time girl’ cocktail- obviously named after me 😉

    Great post
    P.S. you look BANGIN in that outfit!!
    Loves x

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