Who cares about what people wore to Parklife?

Like most people, I was shocked and appalled by what I saw people wearing to Parklife 2017. By people I mean grown men. Grown men wearing shorts with ghastly unshaven legs. Grown men walking topless through the street – practically naked – exposing their nipples for the world to see. What is becoming of young men, do they not know what attention they could attract by walking through the streets like this?

If you can’t tell by now, I’m being sarcastic.

Those attending Parklife had the time of their lives this weekend, whilst other sad bastards sat on their arses complaining on social media about what some people chose to wear to the event.

Quite frankly, unless you turn up to a festival wearing a Native Indian headdress, bantu knots and a bindi, aiming for a mish-mash of cultural appropriation there really isn’t much room for people to be offended.

This attitude was rife on social media – particularly Facebook where most of the reprobates hang out. Things like this shouldn’t surprise anyone, but you would have thought with recent events people may have just thought ‘at least these kids are having fun.‘ Surely you can’t tell people to #BeMoreMartyn and grab life by the horns if you’re going to police the first decision most of us make in the morning – what will I wear today?

Lest we forget that it was only a matter of weeks ago that the Daily Mail tried to blame the Manchester bombing on the fact that Ariana Grande wore provocative outfits onstage. This caused serious outrage, yet now people are complaining because someone who probably saved money since January to have a weekend to remember dared to step out the house baring her knees. You talk about protecting our young girls but shame them for slapping on a bit of glitter.

Get a grip.

25 thoughts on “Who cares about what people wore to Parklife?

  1. who cares what people wear at festivals. i wonder if they complain about those who go to coachella too. everyones there to enjoy it!

  2. I see festivals as a place where people can let themselves go and dress the way they like. Pretty sure that’s part of the whole point x

  3. I don’t really understand the whole omgosh look what they are wearing thing, as long as people are happy who cares, it isn’t harming people. But of course as you say there are always the ones who have to take to social media and complain.

  4. As long as they are not naked, everyone can wear whatever they want at a festival. Who cares? People who go at festivals know that in such a place you dress however you want to express yourself. A festival is about the music not about the clothes.

  5. Some people are such busy bodies, they go to events just to criticize others, what a waste of concert ticket. it would be so much better to enjoy the show and leave others to dress or do as they please.

  6. What a fabulous piece you’ve written! Excellent work. And exactly what I think, who gives a flying fluff what people wear!
    You mention The Daily Wail, hmmm. Indeed. Like when they pull women celebs to bits for the outfits they dare to wear at events, but praise others. Often written by a women. I find this kind of thing just iffy.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s like a few weeks back at Aintree people were sharing pictures of women showing skin and making fun of the chubbier ones because of it. Those people are going out to have fun. It’s sunny and hot, let them wear what they are comfortable in. To be honest people have too much time on their hands.
    V <3

  8. I agree that in the great scheme of things it really doesn’t matter what any one chooses to wear, especially at events like festivals which are designed to be somewhere you can express yourself, great post πŸ™‚ xx

  9. I don’t get why people were making such a fuss about what people were wearing. Me personally i don’t care what someone wears

  10. And now here is some expletives of my own. Who are these sad people and why do they give a fuck? You can wear whatever you like, god forbid you would want to show your knees. The horror of it lol x

  11. People are bitter, that’s the gist of it. There is always going to be that sourpuss who is going to complain about anything under the sun, and as you pointed out it’s usually someone sitting on their ass in front of a screen wishing inside that they had the balls to be able to just live their lives. These people are usually the ones that are overly pre-ocuppied about what everyone says because of their insecurities. It’s a deflecting mechanism and it’s pathetic.

  12. As long of their not naked, so what? I’ve not been to a festival myself before but I can imagine it can get very hot so you wouldn’t exactly want to be rocking up in a hoodie and jeans

  13. You are so right! What does it matter what people wear? They’re having fun whilst the people slating them are doing nothing better with their lives

  14. I hate how we as a generation seem to think it’s ok to pick at what people look like or wear. It’s disgusting This is just another example of that and yes so hypocritical in most cases. One love and all that..but only if they wear the right clothes.

  15. Too much bitchiness on social media!!! One of the key reasons I hate using it at times!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but when its something as trivial as what someone is wearing I despise it and think its just ugly behaviour!

  16. It makes me mad when people always go on about what others wear. So What? it’s not affecting you or anyone else, and if you don’t want to wear that, then that’s fine.

  17. It really annoys me when people slate folk they’ve never met for what they’re wearing? Life’s too short to care! You should just wear whatever takes your fancy, and let others do the same πŸ™‚

    Louise x

  18. I hate all the shaming that goes on. Women should be supporting each other, not dragging each other down.

  19. Nowadays everyone seems to have an opinion on what people looks like -too thin, fat, old, young, dressed wrong, inappropriate. Good on you for your post. So true

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