Who was your fashion icon when you were younger?

Remember when fashion had no limits? When crimping your hair for the school disco was so cool and when karma beads came before Pandora charms; those were the days!

Thankfully we’ve navigated our way those fashion crimes, but we definitely had some help along the way. When you look back into your childhood, there was plenty of characters & girl bands that shaped your outlook on fashion.

Even the most chic of fashion bloggers have to profess their love of Tammy Girl, denim skirts and footless leggings. It was a tough time, that was fortunately only captured on disposable cameras . We’ve since burned the evidence!

Yet it wasn’t all cringe-worthy trends and fake tribal tattoos. The 90’s gave us some real fashion icons that taught us the basics.

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OOTD Luxemme for Lagan’s Foundation charity ball

Luxemme dress for charity ball

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Lagan’s Foundation Charity ball with my co-workers. We’ve attended the event two years in a row to show our support as a company. This year we headed up to The Brinsop in Bolton to raise money for such an important cause.

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Coffee tasting with Thermos & Foundation

There’s nothing more disappointing than grabbing a cold cuppa and accidentally swigging a mouthful. In fact, I think it’s the one way to make any British person crack. So when I was promised left over coffee still hot from the night before, I had to find out what magic was afoot.

Genuine Thermos Reveiew

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New Lush Cosmetics Bathbombs 2015 – Oxford Street escapees!

New lush bathbombs

Lush are about to drop their Halloween and Christmas ranges, so I wanted to shine some light on the Oxford Street exclusives that became permanent residents recently. Seeing old favourites discontinued to make way for the newbies was definitely hard for some. Who ever thought they’d see the day Space Girl left the shelves? However, this host of new goodies certainly makes up for it!

I’ve only tried one other Oxford Street exclusive bathbomb – The Guardians Of The Forest, so it’s amazing to see these ones gracing stores UK wide.

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Herbal remedies to live by


I’m a big fan of herbal medicine. Whether it’s medically proven or not, I’ll often try the most natural remedy to cure an ailment first. As a woman in particular, it can take the slightest chemical to send me off balance, so I’m become accustomed to avoiding unnecessary medication. After plenty of bad experiences, if I’m not knocking on death’s door I’ll try the herbal route first.

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