5 reasons Manchester Pride is the best weekend ever!

Manchester Pride 2015

Nowhere does Pride like Manchester.

The city as a whole is of course a very proud place, with a rich history of advances in social equality. Canal Street in particular is internationally renowned for its accepting community and incredible nights out, but for Pride they go all out! This year’s event was particularly special as we celebrated the 25th anniversary, showing just how far we’ve come together. View Post

How to make the most of your summer internship

It might not look like summer here in the UK, but for those in education August marks the peak of freedom. However, whilst ‘netflix and chill’ might be tempting, some of you will be using this time to further your career prospects – you go, Glen Coco!

I don’t want to kill your enthusiasm for your new adventure, but work experience isn’t always what we expect it to be, sorry. You’ll treat yourself to a brand new working wardrobe, fancy new notebooks and stationary, march right in with your game face on; only to shuffle awkwardly through the office half an hour early for your shift.

I worked for free during university at multiple publications in a bid to rack up my CV, yet I often came away wondering what I’d actually gained from the experience. It can be an exhausting few weeks and most places will really stretch the terms ‘internship’ and ‘privilege’ to make you feel as if you should be grateful for anything you have to put up with.

Here’s how to make it through summer without drowning in coffee… View Post

Lush – Guardians of the Forest Oxford Street Exclusive Bathbomb review

I remember exactly where I was when I caught the news about Lush Oxford Street. Stuck in my co-worker’s Nissan Micra in traffic on Church Street. Scrolling through the gorgeous product imagery and coverage on my phone from the lucky bloggers who visited on launch day, I was totally transfixed. It was the only thing getting me through the day, until I found out they were exclusives. My co-worker Hannah, who I car share with, said she’s never seen anyone look so depressed.

Literally everyone in the office knows I’m an absolute Lush nut. I’ll present people with bathbombs, stream off knowledge of various ingredients and generally gush about the products on a daily basis.

Guardians of the Forest Lush Bathbomb

So when this landed on my desk, I was so surprised! My team mates Hannah & Megan had gone on a little secret mission to track down a bathbomb for me, how amazing are they!? View Post

Coconut water – worth the hype?

Coconut oil is of course the latest blogger’s BFF, but what about coconut water? I’m not talking about the decadent milk we add to curries and soups, I mean the refreshing taste of coconut water that takes us back to blissful beach holidays.

Well unfortunately I can’t offer you a getaway in a bottle, but I do have some fun facts about this underrated beverage. View Post

It’s time to reclaim these forbidden fashion trends

I’ve been facing some serious style struggles as of late. First there was the time I rocked up to the office with a side ponytail, looking like Lady Sovereign (remember her?). Then today I realised I’d been taking a few style tips from Dog The Bounty Hunter…

Isn’t it unfortunate when we can’t quite see past the negative connotations of a trend? (No bad vibes Dog, I love you really)

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