Does bath therapy really work?

Gorgeous rose petal infuse bath, but could it cure an illness?
I believe there are little worries in the world that a long hot soak can’t fix. Diving into wondrous waves of bubbles, warming the soul and relaxing the mind; long hot baths are the answer. Yet I’m not the only person who holds this philosophy. Bath therapy has been used for years to aid those suffering. From mental health to physical injury, there are plenty of ‘recipes’ for your tub to tackle any negative ailments you may be experiencing.

It may all sound slightly wishy washy, but the results speak for themselves. Alternative therapists and trained physicians have spoken profusely of the benefits of bathing, so this isn’t just some old wives tale that beauty bloggers are now peddling.

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10 things I learnt in my first year as a graduate

Me accepting my degree on graduation day!

In a few short weeks I won’t be able to consider myself a ‘recent’ graduate anymore. The flood gates will open once again and a flurry of young talent will enter the job market. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year since I left, but in that time it’s safe to say I’ve still not quite adapted to adult life! I have however been extremely blessed along a tough road, so I thought I’d share some of the lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

I left uni absolutely terrified about what the future would hold. Putting my all into my FMP, I didn’t have a part time job to fall back on. My parents couldn’t help me out, nor would I want or expect them to. If I moved back to my home town, Poulton/Blackpool, there would be no hope of finding a job and furthering myself. It was do or die – a race to find a job in Manchester before I moved out of student accommodation, to then raise the funds and find a new place to live in the city.

After a long while of failed interviews, disappointing meetings and diving right into my overdraft, thankfully I made it. I’ve been somehow been blessed with a great flatmate and job, but there’s been a few bumps in the road. Your first year out of uni is all about recovering, as daft as that sounds. Building up a new character, paying off debts and learning to really live on your own is what it really is all about. Life doesn’t begin til you’ve passed that point, so here’s a few ways you can fast track your post-uni process. View Post

My big fat weight loss complex


2009 – 15 years old – Moody

This is a picture of me before I lost weight. I didn’t even know it existed before last week. My boyfriend was flicking through old holiday snaps and we went right back to 2009. It’s safe to say I was in shock when I saw it.

You see, back then (and still a bit now) I hated myself. Not just the same way many people look in the mirror and feel a bit gross. I was depressed, for a number of reasons, but my image was a serious cause for concern. At this stage, I was gravely unhappy with my body and when I imagine what life was like back then, I picture myself huge. When I first saw this photo I didn’t even recognise myself. I wasn’t overweight at all, but I felt it. View Post

Bubble Off! Unicorn Poop review

Ambling around Manchester last weekend, I came across the first Northern Quarter Market. I love how NQ has become a hub for local indie businesses to bloom, so I flitted between the canopies to see what I could find.

Among the street food stands there was distinct sweet smell that only a true bathroom connoisseur, like myself, would have recognised. Drawn to the floral haze that beckoned me, I walked ahead of my fella who seemed to be distracted by the craft brew stands.

‘Would you like a hand massage?’ I was greeted by two of the loveliest ladies. I often get a little worried about approaching artisan dealers, but the ladies on the Bubble Off stall we’re so welcoming.

Enticed by sweet smells, pink potions and giant bath bombs I was somewhat overwhelmed by the offerings. Emily & Clare talked me through the whole range, proudly stating the lengths they go to ensure all their cosmetics are of excellent quality. From the grade of the oils to the fact they’ve recently been awarded ‘Queen of Vegan Cosmetics’; these sisters really knew their stuff.

It was not only inspiring to see two women in business, but seeing how passionate they were was absolutely amazing!

Their range was certainly impressive, but there was something in particular that caught my eye…


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Marks & Spencer post LFW show, Manchester

Marks & Spencer are a staple of British heritage. Producing both style and substance, it’s no wonder this high street favourite has finally become this year’s official sponsor of London Fashion Week.

For some, the match makes no sense. Should a high street chain muscle in on the affairs of runway fashion? Put simply – yes! Because this isn’t just another shop on the high street, this is M&S.

Whilst this may all sound slightly pretentious, this polarised view depicts the relationship between innovation and consumerism. We look upon LFW to guide us, to inspire us and to open our mind to a stylish world of experimentation. We then look to the high street to collate these ideas and translate the trends to suit our budget. It always seems as if our great British high street simply plays catch up to the runways.

In turn, you may wonder why a high street store is the main sponsor of LFW, well here’s why:

M&S first began retailing clothes in 1928, where as LFW officially began in 1984. Give them credit guys, they’ve been in the game much longer than us! They’ve been providing high fashion affordable luxury for years, transcending age and style to offer something to suit everyone.

Their post LFW show in Manchester highlighted the forward thinking nature of this brand, who understand clothing like no one else.


Lovely evening viewing @marksandspencer’s upcoming collection. #fbloggers #fashion #bbloggers

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