OOTD | Home Sweet Home review


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Bargain Beauty | H&M face mask range review


Face masks are one of the most decadent cosmetic treatments you can buy from the shelves. High end, lower or even homemade; once you’ve found your perfect match your skin will never be the same. Yet some of these miracle potions come with a hefty price tag.

At 99p per mask, H&M steps in with cheap concoctions that promise deep cleaning, hydration and refreshed skin. It all seems a little too good to be true, but I have a confession to make… View Post

Lush Cosmetics Valentine’s Day 2015

I’m not a fan of Valentines Day, but I’ll take any excuse to indulge in new bath products.

Whilst I’m still not over the fact that their ‘Close to Me’ bar did not return this year, the Lush Valentines Day 2015 collection definitely has some tricks up its sleeve. Featuring two highly sought after Japanese products, the range bought something completely unexpected, along with a few old favourites. Here’s a few demos and details of the range.

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OOTD | Tampopo pop up Manchester

outfit tam

Notes on my outfit: I seem to have a growing collection of kimonos. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where I can find some more? I’m slightly obsessed!

My fella and I are huge fans of Tampopo, so when we heard the Corn Exchange branch had reopened as a pop up store we both knew we had to go.

The Corn Exchange in Manchester is currently closed for refurbishment and as such the previous retail and restaurant residents have been thrown on to the street… quite literally in Tampopo’s sense.

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Happy feet | Lush Volcano and Stepping Stone review

Nobody wants to talk about their feet. As far as beauty bloggers are concerned there are just some topics that aren’t glamorous enough. Well, here we go…

Sometimes you just need a little respite. Whether you commute on foot, play sports or you’ve spent a night tottering around in uncomfortable shoes; everyone at some point needs to take care of their feet.

Forget those weird foot spas that Boots put on offer at Christmas, all you need is a good scrub and a moisturising mask to make you feel as if you’re walking along the clouds.


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