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This little floral number really came in handy. I stumbled upon it tucked away in the corner of H&M and scurried into the changing rooms. “I can wear this in the office.” – Instant justification of any purchase. View Post

Are your exfoliators damaging the environment?


It’s hard to believe that the 0.5mm pieces of plastic can do harm to our water supply, but new research suggests other wise. After all, their minuscule size means they often escape filtration systems and when you think about how common these are in face washes and toothpastes, en mass these little blighters are causing serious long-term problems.

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How do you pronounce the word scone? | Teacup Manchester Review

The day after my graduation felt so surreal. I met up with my old flatmates, Alice and Amy to celebrate the end of an era over tea and cake. One of our favourite haunts is Teacup in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Don’t let the hipster vibes put you off. This quaint part of the city is packed full of great independent retailers and eateries that welcome anyone.

I’d like to say we reminisced, but since we’re all in denial that we’re no longer students, we’ve reveled in stories of what everyone is up to back at home and people watched a couple across the road who were clearly on a Tinder date.


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When are you too old for gigs? | Lower Than Atlantis – Deaf Institute Manchester

At the somewhat young(ish) age of 21, you’d think I was far from being a bitter old woman. Yet, I slipped into grandma territory when I went to see Lower Than Atlantis play at The Deaf Institute, Manchester.

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