How to leave your house when you really don’t want to

Listen, some days you don’t want to leave your bed. I get it.

In fact, sometimes it’s not just a day. Sometimes the feeling hits you for longer and here we are days later; in the same old bedding, same old sleepwear, knotted hair and all.

I get like this from time to time. No matter how much you want to leave the house you just feel like something is getting in the way. Part of us knows just a little fresh air would make us feel better, but can you really muster up the courage to leave the comfort of your flat?

Yes, you can.

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Why it’s important to push your own buttons

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m waiting to attend a SpeakUP event for public speaking. Picture me in the lobby room of Friend’s Meeting House, thoroughly terrified, asking myself why on earth I put myself through things like this.

And that’s when it hit me – why do we do ‘this’ to ourselves? Push our own buttons, go out of our comfort zone, provoke our insecurities.

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The new Philocalist

Well, well, well. Philocalist is looking a bit flipping different today isn’t it?

On the Spring equinox I decided to do some tinkering. Philocalist was looking a little tired and the site was still rocking the same £10 Etsy layout I’d installed at the very beginning. The content has come a long way, so the site was long over due a refresh.

It’s only right that I give you guys some sort of mission statement to go with such a change, so if you’re interested here we go…

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How to STFU and listen to a friend in need

Do you ever do that thing during a conversation when you use a personal example to illustrate your point, then come away feeling as if you made entire the situation about yourself?

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The anxious girl’s guide to getting in the mood to go out

Hey, do you fancy going out? Like, ‘out out’?

If you’re anything like me, you love a night out… but hate them at the same time. It’s a constant struggle. Do I want to spend a tenner on one drink or a massive Chinese takeaway? Do I want to wallow in my own self pity with only Netflix for company or do I want a mega night out with the gals? Can I be bothered with the banging headache the next day or is it worse to wake up the next day and see insta stories of your pals having fun without you?

Well gals, tonight we’re seizing the moment!

A night out every once in a while doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety for you, but just in case it is, here’s your ultimate guide to getting yourself in the mood for a night out without flaking on your mates.*

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