Whilst I love the odd OOTD post, I much prefer writing in depth features. However, I hit the blogger boyfriend jackpot and do like to make use of his professional photography skills every now and again!

I probably love to read fashion blogs more than writing them, admittedly so. As such, this category will most likely be comprised of longer features and comedic (hopefully!) GIF posts. I love researching trends but I must admit I don’t particularly follow them. I simply wear whatever I like and hope it works out for me!

Any product marked with an * has been sent to me, but I will only ever publish my honest opinion.

OOTD: Is normcore still acceptable?

What I wear on a general day to day basis. This outfit is comprised of a light grey shirt layered underneath a black dress.

Dress – Glamorous, Shirt – H&M, Boots – Primark, Bag – Koko Coture

Don’t I look like a children’s TV presenter in this outfit? There’s something about layering up that seems so innocent and ‘goody-two-shoes’ to me. It’s the sleeves isn’t it?

I’d forgive you for thinking this outfit was totally forgettable, that’s because it is! I often dress myself from day to day in outfits that blend into the background. I’m not one for standing out. Whilst I might seem an extrovert online, I’m happy to hide away in black and grey.

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Fake fashion – The UK’s counterfeit capital

Fake louis vutton designer handbag up close that was seized by the UK home office and Border Force.

Image from UK Home office, following border force inspections.

Recently Manchester was named the capital of counterfeit goods. Our bustling wholesale industry has become muddied by secret hideaways and white van trading. Whilst I don’t often adorn myself in designer clothing, I often find myself questioning ‘Is that real?‘ every time I see someone walk by with a Moscino bag.

Our relationship with fake fashion is a peculiar one. Some may see it as a good opportunity to invest in high-end without the price tag. Others see it as a desperate attempt to be seen with the labels.

In truth, there’s much more to it than that.

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Could you help Kibati camp?

Hubert mends tattered clothes with the few pieces of material he managed to salvage when he fled his home two weeks ago. .

Have you ever walked by All Saints longing for the sewing machines in the window more than the clothes? Well, Hubert* actually has one and his life depends on it…

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It’s not all about London Fashion Week

Clothes lined up on a rack
It’s the beginning of London Fashion week, but before you start cooing over street style shots and new A/W looks, you might want to take a moment to see what else is happening on the UK fashion scene.

It’s not all about showcasing in London you know!

Whilst the British Fashion Council do a sterling job of highlighting top British designers from up and down the country, I can’t help but think that the celebration of our industry shouldn’t be confined to the capital.

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OOTD Wrapping up warm for winter

Faux fur jacket from New Look
Coat – New Look, Scarf – Oasis, Jeans – Topshop, Boots – Primark

It’s getting a bit nippy now isn’t it?

I know it always rains in Manchester, but the weather has been rather intense as of late. My commute to work now makes me feel as if I’m battling against the elements,┬áso it’s about high time I invested in a brand new winter coat.
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