Whilst I love the odd OOTD post, I much prefer writing in depth features. However, I hit the blogger boyfriend jackpot and do like to make use of his professional photography skills every now and again!

I probably love to read fashion blogs more than writing them, admittedly so. As such, this category will most likely be comprised of longer features and comedic (hopefully!) GIF posts. I love researching trends but I must admit I don’t particularly follow them. I simply wear whatever I like and hope it works out for me!

Any product marked with an * has been sent to me, but I will only ever publish my honest opinion.

Who was your fashion icon when you were younger?

Remember when fashion had no limits? When crimping your hair for the school disco was so cool and when karma beads came before Pandora charms; those were the days!

Thankfully we’ve navigated our way those fashion crimes, but we definitely had some help along the way. When you look back into your childhood, there was plenty of characters & girl bands that shaped your outlook on fashion.

Even the most chic of fashion bloggers have to profess their love of Tammy Girl, denim skirts and footless leggings. It was a tough time, that was fortunately only captured on disposable cameras . We’ve since burned the evidence!

Yet it wasn’t all cringe-worthy trends and fake tribal tattoos. The 90’s gave us some real fashion icons that taught us the basics.

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OOTD Luxemme for Lagan’s Foundation charity ball

Luxemme dress for charity ball

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Lagan’s Foundation Charity ball with my co-workers. We’ve attended the event two years in a row to show our support as a company. This year we headed up to The Brinsop in Bolton to raise money for such an important cause.

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It’s time to reclaim these forbidden fashion trends

I’ve been facing some serious style struggles as of late. First there was the time I rocked up to the office with a side ponytail, looking like Lady Sovereign (remember her?). Then today I realised I’d been taking a few style tips from Dog The Bounty Hunter…

Isn’t it unfortunate when we can’t quite see past the negative connotations of a trend? (No bad vibes Dog, I love you really)

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15 thoughts everyone has when shopping in Primark

Primark problems

Whether you call it ‘Pree-mark’, ‘Pr-eye-mark’ or even ‘Primarni’ we have all at some point witnessed the horrors of this huge retail chain. God bless those who stock the shelves and man the tills, Primark staff must have the patience of saints.

Even if you try to avoid this place, through ethical standards or plain bad experiences, you’ll eventually have to grace the store again. Let’s be honest we’ll never learn our lesson.

It’s the same everywhere you go, so I’m sure quite a few of you will recognise these Primark struggles…

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Marks & Spencer post LFW show, Manchester

Marks & Spencer are a staple of British heritage. Producing both style and substance, it’s no wonder this high street favourite has finally become this year’s official sponsor of London Fashion Week.

For some, the match makes no sense. Should a high street chain muscle in on the affairs of runway fashion? Put simply – yes! Because this isn’t just another shop on the high street, this is M&S.

Whilst this may all sound slightly pretentious, this polarised view depicts the relationship between innovation and consumerism. We look upon LFW to guide us, to inspire us and to open our mind to a stylish world of experimentation. We then look to the high street to collate these ideas and translate the trends to suit our budget. It always seems as if our great British high street simply plays catch up to the runways.

In turn, you may wonder why a high street store is the main sponsor of LFW, well here’s why:

M&S first began retailing clothes in 1928, where as LFW officially began in 1984. Give them credit guys, they’ve been in the game much longer than us! They’ve been providing high fashion affordable luxury for years, transcending age and style to offer something to suit everyone.

Their post LFW show in Manchester highlighted the forward thinking nature of this brand, who understand clothing like no one else.


Lovely evening viewing @marksandspencer’s upcoming collection. #fbloggers #fashion #bbloggers

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