It’s really hard to nail down what a lifestyle blogger really does. The term encompasses so much that every blogger has their own unique definition. For me, as a graduate lifestyle blogger, I’ll be documenting the trials and tribulations of life after university.

Every now and then I’ll be writing features regarding careers, relationships, health and well… general life I suppose! I try to approach even the most serious of matters with a degree of comedy, so hopefully nothing in this category comes across as preachy.

If there’s a particular topic you’d like me to cover I’d absolutely love for you to tweet me about it.

Can you really reinvent yourself?

Jess from Philocalist looks into a glass panel to creat a reflection. This give the illusion of two people.

When I was younger I was a sucker for movie montages. You know the ones where the main character transforms their whole life with the help of a haircut and a credit card? I couldn’t wait to experience that exact moment, thinking I was just one shopping spree away from creating a whole new identity for myself.

It probably seems naive looking back, but so many of us are guilty of feeling the same way as adults. It’s the same concept that fuels phrases such as the ‘revenge body’. The idea that you can make your ex-jealous and recover from a breakup by transforming yourself into their ultimate fantasy.

However, there’s many more versions of the same trickery. After all, what do you think most people base their New Years Resolutions on? I’ll give you a hint, it’s definitely not about embracing your current lifestyle.

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What the HECK is street wisdom?

Image Shows: Shot of Jess Wilby from Philocalist walking down a Manchester backstreet wearing a camo jacket that displays the message 'Make every day a good day'.

Before we get started, to really get an idea of what Street Wisdom is you really have to attend a session. So if you’re here looking for a sign as to whether or not you should sign up – the answer is always yes! Yes, you really should sign up right away.

Street Wisdom is a non-profit program that aims to help you answer the big questions by tuning you into the environment around you. No headphones, no notifications, just wandering.

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You’re dumb if you think blogs are dying

A picture of Jess Wilby blogging whilst looking at the latest issue of glamour with a blogger on it.

Editor’s note: I began this post 5 months ago, but due to the changing landscape of online media a lot has happened since. Algorithm changes, Youtube’s secret codes, Cosmo blog awards entry requirements, Vero (lol), Hannah Gale’s schedule change (utter heartbreak). That said, it might outdate itself fast so make sure you share it right away whilst it’s hot and fresh ;).


Clickbait title aside, there are many people who think blogging is a ‘dying art’. The myth that people don’t read blogs anymore has encroached into our community and people are bailing left, right and centre.

Let them.

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First impressions of an Aries rising

How are you all surviving Aries season?

As an opal October baby, you might be wondering why I’m blogging about Aries season and it’s high time I made a confession… my rising sign is Aries.

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Why it’s important to push your own buttons

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m waiting to attend a SpeakUP event for public speaking. Picture me in the lobby room of Friend’s Meeting House, thoroughly terrified, asking myself why on earth I put myself through things like this.

And that’s when it hit me – why do we do ‘this’ to ourselves? Push our own buttons, go out of our comfort zone, provoke our insecurities.

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