It’s really hard to nail down what a lifestyle blogger really does. The term encompasses so much that every blogger has their own unique definition. For me, as a graduate lifestyle blogger, I’ll be documenting the trials and tribulations of life after university.

Every now and then I’ll be writing features regarding careers, relationships, health and well… general life I suppose! I try to approach even the most serious of matters with a degree of comedy, so hopefully nothing in this category comes across as preachy.

If there’s a particular topic you’d like me to cover I’d absolutely love for you to tweet me about it.

Figuring out what you want from 2018

You cannot hit a target that you cannot see. In the same respect you cannot simply pick a goal from thin air, can you?

January can be a frustrating time. The beginning of a new year is an excellent excuse to get to work on a new goal. Everyone around you seems to be so full of hope and enthusiasm.

Then there’s people like you and I. The people who want to ‘succeed’, but are not quite sure we can define or measure that success. We know we want something to work towards, but what will make us happy?

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7 things palm reading has taught me about life

Online palm reading Q&A from Philocalist.

I fully understand that palm reading is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think this is often because it is seen as a cheap gimmick. I don’t blame people for thinking this. Having grown up just outside of Blackpool, I remember seeing the tacky ‘psychic reader’ signs along the beach front and thinking ‘what a load of rubbish‘.

But do you wanna know what the real secret is? Everyone can palm read. The words don’t come from the reader, they come from the lines on your hand. Palm readers are simply translators, not ‘gifted’.

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Somebody has stolen my whole blog – Cloned Website

Me monitoring the cloned website that stole content from

My website has been cloned. Every single post from July 2017 dating back to the very beginning has been mirrored on another URL. The site looks exactly like mine; same images, same words, same logo, same layout, same face, same voice, different web address.

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Creators I loved in 2017

First of all, I’ve been writing this blog post since October. OCTOBER. Since when did it ever take 3 months to produce a curated blog post?

Well, this one is pretty beefy and to be fair 2017 was an amazing year for creators. “Are you sure?” I hear you ask, with the fear of algorithm changes in your voice.


Heck yes, I’m sure. Because in the face of the internet’s changing goalposts some incredible creators fought their way to the top.

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#MCRbloggers meet at Radisson Blu Manchester

This week I headed to Radission Blu Manchester to meet up with loads of lovely bloggers over tea & cake.

I try not to overwhelm myself with blogging events anymore, but some community meet ups are unmissable! When fellow bloggers arrange a meet up they are generally much less intimidating in my opinion. It’s just a bunch of like-minded creators sharing their passion for blogging. What could be better!?

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