Self Care

In April 2018, the Philocalist beauty category was renamed to ‘self care’ to reflect the content going forward.

Only better by default

Is your life good only because it’s not as bad as it used to be?

This is something I’ve been pondering for a few weeks now following an interview I did with LoveFrom magazine last month. When asked about self care, I opened up about how my life used to revolve around the opposite of self care – self harm – and I had a bit of a weird epiphany.

When you go through such self hatred at a young age, to come out of the other end is a blessing. Anything beyond that point feels almost like success because you’re not slipping into the void again. Have you ever experienced something like this that seems to alter your inner benchmark for life?

This mindset can be applied to so many aspects in life – relationships, jobs, health etc. It feels healthy to think like this because we’re constantly being told to stay humble and practice gratitude, but actually this ‘better by default’ attitude is causing us to settle for situations that hold us back.

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Tips to survive the summer heat

It’s bloody hot isn’t it? There’s something different about the UK’s warm weather that makes it slightly more unbearable. I’m not sure if it’s the air pressure, the clamminess, or the fact that society goes into meltdown (no pun intended) as soon as there’s a dramatic weather change from our standard grey skies.

This summer I was more conscious than ever that the heat was going to be a struggle. I’ve put on a bit of weight – which isn’t a huge problem – but it does mean I’m less comfortable in the sun than I used to be. My thighs rub, summer clothes don’t fit me and part of me wants to just sit at home and sulk.

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Small self care tasks I’m trying | Summer 2018

First we build habits, then they build us. Since launching Self Care Manifesto and the self care reminder newsletter, I’ve learnt so much about the positive impact self care can have on your life. Small tasks really do add up overtime, so I wanted to share with you a few things I’m doing currently to look after myself.

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Introducing the Self Care Manifesto

Today’s the day! The Self Care Manifesto is here.

I’ve been working on this ebook for about a month. It was created out of love and frustration. Love, because I want people to take care of themselves. Frustration, because currently the self care movement focuses heavily on whimsy instead of the very basics.

This book isn’t about escaping to Bali to find yourself, it’s about the small tasks you can complete at home to cover your basic needs – mindset, food, health, finance and hygiene.

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How I cope with sleepless nights

Image shows a sleepy woman (Jess Wilby) wrapped in her duvet in front of a city backdrop, with a cup of tea.

Is there anything worse than sleepless nights?

For a long time I assumed that everyone struggled to sleep. When I was in university I used to toss and turn for 4 hours a night before drifting off (and shortly waking up again later). I thought this was totally normal.

Restless nights, paranoia, wandering thoughts, nightmares, mental exhaustion; this is not normal.

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