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In April 2018, the Philocalist beauty category was renamed to ‘self care’ to reflect the content going forward.

6 ways to tame stressed out skin

Woman experiencing stress

My skin is bad because I’m stressed and I’m stressed because my skin is bad.


If you thought you left your skin problems behind during your teens, think again. Oily patches, red bumps and a speckled hive of black & white heads are on their way to haunt you when life gets you down. Whilst you may think that your skin is the last of your problems when you’re dealing with stress, our outward appearance can often be the icing on the cake when we’re feeling low.

So what can be done to help?

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Should you bathe in milk?

Luxury bathtub with running water

Legend has it that Cleopatra use to bathe in milk daily. Well-known for her radiant beauty, it’s said her silky soft skin was thanks to the milk of 700 donkeys…

She must have smelt a bit though!

Of all the weird beauty fads, I’m surprised bathing in milk has not become ‘a thing’. Throughout history milk has been used for its apparent rejuvenating and moisturising properties. Even as we become wiser to the chemicals found in body washes and bath soaks, we’ve still yet to take things back to basics.

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The Fragrance Box review | Perfume sample subscription

IMG_0446 copyThe Fragrance Box really is an ingenious creation. There’s nothing I love more than discovering new perfumes, without being hassled by pushy sales assistants. With six niche perfumes delivered straight to your door, The Fragrance Box aims to introduce you to a wondrous world of specially blended scents.

I was kindly sent a box to review and I really struggled to pick a favourite! Here’s my thoughts on each perfume from the December box.

Update 8/10/16

I keep receiving comments from people having customer service issues from this company.
it sounds as if they have gone out of business.
I can no longer recommend this company.

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Are cosmetic contact lenses safe for Halloween?


EDIT updated 13/09/2017: This post goes viral every October. If you’re a journalist and you’ve landed on my page, please do not use my images without asking. Feel free to email me but please note I do always as for a credit link back to my blog. This post has also been altered to add details of new emerging eye issues.

Is your halloween outfit incomplete without some novelty contact lenses? Readily available in most fancy dress shops, if you’re over 16 you can purchase a pair across the counter fairly easily with no questions asked. Which is exactly what I did a few years ago after seeing them featured by my favourite Youtubers.

Since they’re so readily available and widely used, surely they wouldn’t be on sale if they weren’t safe?

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New Lush Cosmetics Bathbombs 2015 – Oxford Street escapees!

New lush bathbombs

Lush are about to drop their Halloween and Christmas ranges, so I wanted to shine some light on the Oxford Street exclusives that became permanent residents recently. Seeing old favourites discontinued to make way for the newbies was definitely hard for some. Who ever thought they’d see the day Space Girl left the shelves? However, this host of new goodies certainly makes up for it!

I’ve only tried one other Oxford Street exclusive bathbomb – The Guardians Of The Forest, so it’s amazing to see these ones gracing stores UK wide.

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