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In April 2018, the Philocalist beauty category was renamed to ‘self care’ to reflect the content going forward.

Lush – Guardians of the Forest Oxford Street Exclusive Bathbomb review

I remember exactly where I was when I caught the news about Lush Oxford Street. Stuck in my co-worker’s Nissan Micra in traffic on Church Street. Scrolling through the gorgeous product imagery and coverage on my phone from the lucky bloggers who visited on launch day, I was totally transfixed. It was the only thing getting me through the day, until I found out they were exclusives. My co-worker Hannah, who I car share with, said she’s never seen anyone look so depressed.

Literally everyone in the office knows I’m an absolute Lush nut. I’ll present people with bathbombs, stream off knowledge of various ingredients and generally gush about the products on a daily basis.

Guardians of the Forest Lush Bathbomb

So when this landed on my desk, I was so surprised! My team mates Hannah & Megan had gone on a little secret mission to track down a bathbomb for me, how amazing are they!? View Post

Homemade green tea facemask recipe

spinach facemask

There’s nothing better than sitting around, watching trashy TV with a facemask and snacks. An indulgent little treat that can soon turn into a pricey habit, regular facemasks are great for the skin but no so for your bank account. That’s why every now and again I like to make a batch of my own!

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Does bath therapy really work?

Gorgeous rose petal infuse bath, but could it cure an illness?
I believe there are little worries in the world that a long hot soak can’t fix. Diving into wondrous waves of bubbles, warming the soul and relaxing the mind; long hot baths are the answer. Yet I’m not the only person who holds this philosophy. Bath therapy has been used for years to aid those suffering. From mental health to physical injury, there are plenty of ‘recipes’ for your tub to tackle any negative ailments you may be experiencing.

It may all sound slightly wishy washy, but the results speak for themselves. Alternative therapists and trained physicians have spoken profusely of the benefits of bathing, so this isn’t just some old wives tale that beauty bloggers are now peddling.

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Bubble Off! Unicorn Poop review

Ambling around Manchester last weekend, I came across the first Northern Quarter Market. I love how NQ has become a hub for local indie businesses to bloom, so I flitted between the canopies to see what I could find.

Among the street food stands there was distinct sweet smell that only a true bathroom connoisseur, like myself, would have recognised. Drawn to the floral haze that beckoned me, I walked ahead of my fella who seemed to be distracted by the craft brew stands.

‘Would you like a hand massage?’ I was greeted by two of the loveliest ladies. I often get a little worried about approaching artisan dealers, but the ladies on the Bubble Off stall we’re so welcoming.

Enticed by sweet smells, pink potions and giant bath bombs I was somewhat overwhelmed by the offerings. Emily & Clare talked me through the whole range, proudly stating the lengths they go to ensure all their cosmetics are of excellent quality. From the grade of the oils to the fact they’ve recently been awarded ‘Queen of Vegan Cosmetics’; these sisters really knew their stuff.

It was not only inspiring to see two women in business, but seeing how passionate they were was absolutely amazing!

Their range was certainly impressive, but there was something in particular that caught my eye…


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Bargain Beauty | H&M face mask range review


Face masks are one of the most decadent cosmetic treatments you can buy from the shelves. High end, lower or even homemade; once you’ve found your perfect match your skin will never be the same. Yet some of these miracle potions come with a hefty price tag.

At 99p per mask, H&M steps in with cheap concoctions that promise deep cleaning, hydration and refreshed skin. It all seems a little too good to be true, but I have a confession to make… View Post