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A few photos from the previous few months

I’m not going to do one of those cringe worthy ‘I’m back’ posts, mainly cause I’m an inconsistent blogger at the best of times – but yes, I totally dropped off the map lately. I’ve forgotten about trips to the wilderness with the girls, neglected my duties with The Press Tent and I’ve been a rubbish blogger in general.

So what the bloody hell happened?

Well I accidentally became a job hopper! Oops. Remember when I left a job that was making me unhappy at the start of the year? Well, I ended up moving to somewhere that wasn’t quite right for me either. *Calls up the pity party*

Don’t worry though, I’ve started a new job and that’s what I actually wanted to talk to you about. I’m working for a fashion ecommerce brand now! Dream job isn’t the half of it; they have a frenchie as their office dog, I get to work with some amazing bloggers and my boss is actually really bloody cool. That said, I’m so obsessed with this new job that I’ve neglected my blog massively.

I’m supposed to be hosting a blogger event soon and I’ve not even spoken to any of you in weeks! What a bad egg.

So here’s the skinny to make sure we’re all up to date:

💖 I’m going to Thailand in September
Yeah remember that post about not wanting to do what my boyfriend wanted to do? Well in a time of complete weakness and job upset, I completely gave in. I fly out September 9th, the same day the new Bastille album comes out. Karma will come back around on his whining when I spend the whole 16 hour journey singing new Bastille songs. Who’s sinking in the pool of their mistakes now RYAN!

💖 I’m hosting a blogger event July 23rd
And if you want to come you can totally email me because I genuinely love hanging out with new bloggers. You can bring a friend if you’re nervous too. We’re just raising some money with a blogger pub quiz for Oxfam. Hit me up at for deets!

💖 I work for Shores now
As mentioned, I’m working at now. They’re a lovely bunch and without sounding like a typical instagirl – I feel truly ‘blessed’. Ew.

💖 I need a new flatmate for September
Yeah, that’s happening whilst I’m away in Thailand so I’m in a bit of a pickle. Nat’s moving closer to where she works. I think I might miss her because she was actually a great flatmate. Alas, I’m on the hunt for someone in Manchester to live with. The landlord is a nightmare but the rent is cheap as heck, so I think I’ll find someone in no time at all.

So now that we’re up to date, what’s new with you?

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