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The day after my graduation felt so surreal. I met up with my old flatmates, Alice and Amy to celebrate the end of an era over tea and cake. One of our favourite haunts is Teacup in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Don’t let the hipster vibes put you off. This quaint part of the city is packed full of great independent retailers and eateries that welcome anyone.

I’d like to say we reminisced, but since we’re all in denial that we’re no longer students, we’ve reveled in stories of what everyone is up to back at home and people watched a couple across the road who were clearly on a Tinder date.



My tipple of choice was the sunshine early grey. Brewed for 5 minutes, this flavoursome beverage features floral bergamot notes that cut through the standard early grey blend. Teacup gives you these little sand timers to ensure you infuse your chosen loose leaf to optimum taste.

As for nibbles, I was extremely tempted by the specials. They’ve changed the menu since I last visited and the limited dishes come in a cute airmail envelope attached to the menu. The Paneer salad was calling my name, but I knew too well that if I caved I wouldn’t be able to fit in one of their amazing homemade cakes in.


I went for what I thought would be a small portion of chunky chips and aioli. Oh heck was I wrong! The aioli could have been a bit more potent; I struggled to taste the garlic. If anything it tasted more like salad cream. Lovely but not like the aioli I know and love.

Controversially I went for a scone, pronounced sc-on. I know full well it should be pronounced otherwise, but I’m either too northern or too stubborn. Accompanied with a jar of clotted cream and jam, this delicious scone was exactly what I needed on a relatively grey day in Manchester. There’s something so quintessentially British about cream scones that I can’t quite put my finger on.teacup5

Admittedly I did start eyeing up Alice’s rainbow Battenberg, knowing full well I’m not a fan. It’s funny how appearance changes things.

It does get quite busy in Teacup, so if you’re looking for somewhere to have a quite chat you should avoid visiting during peak hours. A humble little café with a menu to suit any palette, I’d implore any local to try this place out!

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  1. April 26, 2016 / 4:51 pm

    haha, the old scon vs scone issue. I just eat them really and don’t get to bothered about how you pronounce it. 😉