It’s time to reclaim these forbidden fashion trends

I’ve been facing some serious style struggles as of late. First there was the time I rocked up to the office with a side ponytail, looking like Lady Sovereign (remember her?). Then today I realised I’d been taking a few style tips from Dog The Bounty Hunter…

Isn’t it unfortunate when we can’t quite see past the negative connotations of a trend? (No bad vibes Dog, I love you really)

Yellow makes me feel like big bird, red and white stripes resemble ‘Where’s Wally?’ and really if you take a closer look at your wardrobe, you could probably link anything to a person or trend you wouldn’t want to mimic. Most of the time it’s all in our mind, but my flat mate did once spot Liz MacDonald in the same top as her. Cue a big strop followed by a frantic fight to get it listed on eBay and out of the flat!

I think it’s high time we took a closer look at trends that have been stolen by time and stigma, to reclaim some old looks that we’ve been too quick to disregard.


If Burberry can do it, so can we!

Burberry tracksuits – need I say more? Once upon a time Britain was practically adorned head to toe in beige check. Our nation’s counterfeit industry revelled in muddying the heritage of this high fashion brand. Yet somehow, against all odds, they turned things around.

If mini Beckham would have been spotted in Burberry print a few years ago, he’d be labelled more ‘chav’ than chic. Alas, Rosie Marie Bravo waved goodbye to Saks Fifth Avenue and took the helm of Burberry to give it a total rebrand.

Whilst we might not have a super stylist to help us turn our favourite trends around, there are certainly a few style staples from years gone by that I think we should all rally behind.

Curb chains
Yea I’m serious. I have a white gold chain and I honestly love it but I simply cannot wear it without looking like a member of East 17. Whereas chain bracelets retain their stylish charm, chain necklaces lost their feminine mystique many moons ago. Now you’ll mainly see them worn by old mancunian men and I don’t care what rumours you’ve heard, I’m actually not infact an old mancunian man.

Tattoo chokers
These are slowly making a come back thanks to Tumblr’s pastel goth scene (it’s not just a phase mum). A coworker of mine wore one to the office and I instantly had the urge to visit Claire’s Accessories and waste my pocket money on plastic chokers and glitter hair spray.

Sadly for me, tattoo chokers are admittedly quite a hazard and I have a suspicion they are for many of us. Trying to take one off over your head allows the elastic plastic to entwine with every single strand of hair, leaving you with knots and tangles that aren’t so 90’s chic. I think this is what ultimately lead to their demise, but a girl can dream.

Blue eyeshadow
Once regarded as the ultimate right of passage, your first make up palette probably featured an electric blue pigment that fell into the crease of your eye lids and stained your pillow case. Perfect for an afternoon playing Singstar on the Playstation, because it made you feel like Britney circa 2000 – and everyone knows that’s when she hit her peak!

With the rise of skilled Youtubers enlightening us with makeup witchcraft and wizardry, it’s only a matter of time before blue make up makes a revival. A sophisticated smokey blue eye, maybe even paired with a berry lip. Mark my words! If you’re eager to give this a go, the AmysMakeupBox channel has an incredible tutorial that shows how amazing this trend can be.

So whether you want to rock crimped hair, platform boots a la Spice Girls or an 80’s windbreaker jacket, you shouldn’t let the stigma cramp your style! Even if you do end up looking like Dog The Bounty hunter.

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  1. August 2, 2015 / 9:44 pm

    Haha! LOVE this!!! I have always loved a blue eyeshadow 🙂 But totally feel ya on the dangers of 90s plastic chokers…