Lush Halloween 2014 | Top 3 Review

Lush Cosmetics have managed to absolutely excel themselves every year. I thought they wouldn’t be able to out do last year’s seasonal offerings, but oh how wrong I was! Since Lush is accountable for absorbing a huge chunk of my monthly outgoings, I’ll be doing seasonal run down posts.

I’m well aware not everyone has an addiction as serious as mine, so if you’re only a fleeting fan here are the halloween products you should be taking note of.

BlogL3BloglushWizard – Bubble Bar
This gorgeous little fella smells ten times more amazing when you crumble him into the water. Slightly herbal with just a touch of citrus, if you loved Jingle Spells the Wizard bubble bar will be your go to gift this year.

Designed in the same way as The Christmas Penguin, you’ll unfortunately have to decapitate him for a perfect measurement. I snapped mine just above the eyes and I’ll probably get 2 more baths out of what’s left. It’s all down to personal choice, I’ve seen people use the Wizard bubble bar all at once for extra purple water. As you can see, my bath looked rather anaemic, but the beautiful glittering display made up for it!

Sparkly Pumpkin – Bubble Bar

This bubble bar does not smell like pumpkin and I’m darn fed up of people saying it does. It’s not even designed to smell like pumpkin. Stop.

I used half of this bubble bar as I was feeling extremely delicate after my gym class (woe is me.) The scent is nothing short of divine, hence why I’m so bothered by so many people giving the wrong description. With juniperberry, grapefruit and lime oil this is heavy on the citrus, but there’s a subtle spicy note that cuts through. If like me you’re not a huge fan of cinnamon there’s a chance you’ll still like this as it’s not too intense.

Sparkly Pumpkin eased every ache I had and the scent lingered on my skin, long after bathing.

Northern Lights – Bathbomb Wand
I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw everyone on instagram posting images of Northern Lights. What a beautiful bathbomb! I’d love to know which little Lush genius drew up this concept!

There’s a little controversy over this product being classed as both halloween and Christmas stock – by controversy, I mean people are being completely pedantic! You’ll find this on the Lush website under both categories.

The scent reminds me slightly of Sex Bomb. I’m a huge Jasmine fan and I truly wish this gorgeous smell was bottled up and sold as a fragrance! I’d say Sparkly Pumpkin had a longer lasting scent, but Northern lights is a lot lighter and my flatmate noticed it for a lot longer than I did.


The rest of the range
There are of course more halloween products to buy, but these are definitely the ones I’d highly recommend. I love Lord of Misrule, but it was out last year hence I didn’t want to shout about it.

The Sparkler bathbomb is also impressive, but just didn’t compare to Northern Lights in my eyes. Packed full of glitter, it certainly puts on a show and the scent is gorgeous. Have you tried Rose Jam shower gel? This bathbomb has the same scent, but I’ve found that it simply doesn’t linger on the skin as well as the shower gel seems to.

Fairy Ring soap is also a great product from the Lush halloween range 2014, but again the scent slightly let this one down. However, this soap did make my skin feel super soft. I’m putting that down to the addition of shiitake mushrooms, notoriously used in anti-aging formulas. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re more of a shower person.

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  1. M
    October 19, 2014 / 4:31 pm

    I’ve never tried these before, but they look super cool. Lush is pretty great

    Made in Mauve

  2. Jess
    October 22, 2014 / 12:31 pm

    I picked up the Northern lights bath bomb the other day and I’m so excited to try it out!
    I really want to pick up more from Lush I love all of it!
    Jess x