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The Self Care Manifesto is a free-to-download PDF diary.

It challenges you to take a look at your current lifestyle habits and how they can be optimised for self care. First we build habits, then they build us. This book isn’t about escaping to Bali to find yourself, it’s about the small tasks you can complete at home to cover your basic needs – mindset, food, health, finance and hygiene.

These core needs build the foundation of your lifestyle. How you manage them largely dictates your out-put.

Your self care journey is not linear, but with the Self Care Manifesto you can chart your progress and experiment with activities to find a routine that works for you.

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There’s room for everyone in our self care club. We’re building a community based on respect and care. The hashtag is for you to share – not to compare. Everyone is on their own journey and it’s important to support each other along the way. Find friends, advice and share your story via the #SelfCareSquad on instagram.

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