The ultimate work loo pep talk

So you’ve hidden away in the loo at work to just breathe for a second. I get it.

I like to imagine even Steve Jobs had to escape at times, collect his thoughts before proof reading a simple email for the fifth time.

Sometimes things get overwhelming, it’s completely normal, but getting back to your desk and clearing off what’s bugging you is going to make you feel better. Sitting on the toilet, counting the tiles and practising the next conversation with your boss isn’t actually helping.

It’s a distraction tactic.

I’m not saying this to judge. I do exactly the same.

So how are we going to move forward? Well first, you’re going to fix your posture. Breathe in deep into your lungs. Yep, the loo fresher smells awful; it’s better to do this at your desk but you chose the toilet.

Again, notice your posture and the way the air flows through you. Can you feel your strength? Your resilience? I know it’s in there.

Breathe in for four counts and hold it for two, before exhaling for four again. Repeat this and on every 2 count pause, feel your core becoming stronger. Controlled breathing is self care four your soul. Even if you are currently in a toilet.

Can you feel you body changing? Your shoulders should ease as does your mind. Controlling your work flow is just the same as controlling your breathing – you just need to show up and make conscious decisions.

Now it’s time to face up to the facts. You can’t stay in here all day. If you stay in here too long people might think you’ve been doing a massive poo or something.

So let’s interrupt your anxiety with action.

What’s the one task stressing you out? How can you overcome it? There’s only one way to get rid of that overwhelming feeling and that’s by tackling it head on. I know you might not want to, but a little bit of radical acceptance goes a long way.

The thing is, the longer you leave what’s bugging you, the longer it has a hold on you. How long are you going to let this eat away at you?

Are you going to send that email, arrange that talk with your team member, stand up and give some honest feedback?

Hell yes you are. Because it’s actually going to feel better doing that than sitting in a toilet, breathing in the distinct smell of ‘meadow fresh’ bleach.

Stand up with you legs shoulders-width apart. Straighten up your back and roll back your shoulders. You’re capable of this AND more. That’s why you got the job. Think about where you’ve been before, how you’ve proved your anxiety wrong before.

You’re about to do it again.

You’re going to get yourself a water, calmy sit back down at your desk and focus solely on that one tough task until it’s GONE.

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